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We do not escape from ourselves, so it is good to start the relationship we have to be more aware of and find techniques and ways that suit us and help us to purify, deepen and lead to the greatest kindness.
I invite you to a lecture that will be about the basic techniques for me that helped me on my way to love for myself and the world. I have discovered or created ways and techniques to look at each other and how to work with myself, so that we were mothers and dads of ourselves and managed to lead by life and heal.
So each of us needs ourselves. To catch those parts in us that were injured and needed. To get to know and appear as if something is happening in us, we can roast it so that we can get into the perspective and find peace in it and from calm through the demanding situations.
The lecture contains the most effective self -arapy techniques that can help you make love and also discover that you are okay even if you are not feeling fine.

O MBody Lab