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Are you in a stagnant situation and can’t move on? Can’t you handle something? You have been through many seminars and I have read a lot of books, but your problem still persists?

I offer you perspective, advice, guidance and clarity. My skills are to precisesly see what patterns, programs and thought concepts prevent you from being able to move where you want in life and fulfill your dreams. Whether it’s relationships, your self-realization, attracting abundance, or right partner, finding the meaning of life and your dharma, moving on your spiritual path, or simply you want to improve the feeling of your life, get into the joy of the heart and learn to manifest what you desire.

You tell me your situation and I’ll give you a glimpse into the heart of what’s really going on and I’ll point you in the right direction. You can also use the meeting with me when you are going through a process that has opened up for you during the festival.

The consultation lasts 20 minutes.

Every day between 2pm and 4pm