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Breath – workshop

There are many paths to the goal. And if your goal is a healthy body and a calm mind, the breath is a very effective tool for that. It is something that we always have with us, but we are not always aware of the power it has to improve the quality of our lives.

Thanks to its conscious guidance, development and correct practice, we can gain control over ourselves, our thoughts and thus our life.

Let’s dive into their secrets together and explore the hidden corners of our being on a physical, mental and spiritual level. All through our own breath.

I have been practicing conscious breathing for several years and as a Wim Hof method instructor for the 4th year.
I perceive the breath in a much broader perspective, as a link between our soul, mind and body

It is a secret that hides much within itself, and we have the opportunity to open this energy and use it to awaken the inner power for a conscious and fulfilling life.
Breath is a powerful tool that affects our physiology, especially nervous, immune and
cardiovascular system.

With deep breathing, we can also reach our pineal gland-epiphysis, where we activate the substance DMT (dimethyltryptamine), which is a substance that is also washed out in other life situations (for example, in a state close to death).
Breathing brings us into deep meditation, into feelings of gratitude, love, unity and connection on many levels, and we then feel free, happy and joyful.
The breath affects our life energy, thanks to the circulation of prana in our body. The breath is our guide, teacher and great connecting mechanism on all levels of our being.