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BIodanza workshop – Transcendence with Cristiano Martins

“A decisive question for the human being is this: Do you have the Infinite as a reference?” C.G. Jung

Transcendence is the perception of oneself as part and expression of the whole, it implies
a transposition of the borders of the self, the ability to surrender and at the same time being totally anchored in our own center. It is an invitation to open up to a greater totality, including your fellow humans, the unconscious reality and the entire universe in all it´s sutle expressions, known and unknown.

In Biodanza, connection to the transcendent is the body experiential perception that the divinity is not separated from the individualized being, but the two express themselves in a relationship of continuity.

Transcendence is a “natural function to establish essential connections with everything that exists: other human beings, animals, plants and minerals – in short, with the cosmic whole.” R. Toro