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Deep Vocal Journey

A very Powerful Heart Gift for anyone who wants to deepen the connection and the bond between themselves and music!
A vocal journey combining poetry and ritual elements.
Orka has years of experience of sharing deep vocal journeys with men and women around the world.
This vocal workshop is an invitation to meet ourselves while we open up our voices, and meet with other voices, inside of us and around us. How much do we allow ourselves to meet them, to do the inner work and to allow Healing to take place?
This inner journey is happening in a safe sacred space, containing, loving, and seeing deep within, together with a quality group of supportive people. Through song singing, playful games and improvisation, we will observe and get in contact with the delicate singing bird of our voice.
It is a journey of deep connection to our inner singing world, finding our inner voice, and interweaving our voices in an awakened and generative circle of men and women.