Elemental, Tribal, Ancestral / Tantric, Shamanic, Cosmic / Embodiment / Ceremony / Healing

OPEN TO: Adults only (Men and women, all genders, non binary)

Welcome to the love temple, radiant shining ones!
Enter into an ancestral wisdom portal anchored in divine joy and loveliness, as we ceremonialise, activate and taste this precious life in glee, glory and grace in greater beauty and wonder together!

Reclaim your organic most natural blueprint within this time and prayer space, rejuvenate your temple of soul, with practices of radical aliveness – in song, in movement, in stillness and silence.
Practices on offer
• Daoist wellness practices
• tantric, shamanic embodiment exercises ; breathwork
• Singing, dancing, resting, pausing!

Welcome as you are, making love to life we will be, in safety and liberation together – leave the temple space feeling more revitalised, connected, wonder & love filled!

(No nudity, fully clothed we will be, in our sensual nature and beauty!)