Bílá joga

Yoga in pairs (no partner needed) with live music – Cyril Kubiš, Lu 

Finding one’s own soul and spiritual growth through another White yoga is an effective combination of two siblings, the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, which for its effectiveness is one of the most effective tools for cultivating its potential and adapting to the changes of the emerging Aquarius Era, and White Tantric Yoga. Practicing white yoga can be one of the most changing experiences you will ever have. It is a very personal experience, an intimate relationship that you have with your own soul.

Meditation in a couple brings us a number of important tools for living our mission to the full, devoting ourselves to the present moment in absolute love and consolidating ourselves in our true Self. We refine conscious communication through touch, sight and sound. In the mirror of the other’s eyes we can see the divine nature of ourselves and everything around us, and thus wash out of our subconscious dysfunctional patterns. And last but not least, we will learn to connect with others without losing ourselves. Through the eyes of us all, the highest consciousness sees this world, and through the eyes we see the highest consciousness …

The lessons include Gong bath sound therapy – a bath in sound is a powerful tool for relaxing and flushing the patterns of our subconscious to the surface. You can look forward to the harmony of the polarities of the “Male and Female” gong and other instruments. In pair yoga, we can say that it is a connection of two people, meditation in two, a mirror of oneself in expression, movement, connection. If we want to improve not only our yoga practice, but also our ability to connect with another person in a deeper way, then yoga practiced in a couple or group is naturally the next step.

“There are two kinds of searching: one is meditation – you are looking in depth yourself, The second is love – you look deeply with the other person.”

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