I have been a great adventurer since I was a child, and I often find myself in places I don’t think I should be at all.

In the same way, I found myself on a nearly six-month journey through the Orient, where the whole story of TOM CHAi begins

TOMCHAi philosophy
is a blend of spices and tea to prepare a delicious oriental drink, Masala Chai / Chai Latté.

TOM CHAi combines his love for adventure, health and nature with unmistakable aroma and color of unique ingredients.

Thanks to its spice properties, his products helps to find inner peace and contributes to a better quality of life. High proportion of spices give the drink its unique color, taste combined with  lots of healthy substances.

TOMCHAi is a blend of spices and tea for making a delicious oriental drink, Masala Chai / Chai Latté.

And what makes TOMCHAi stand out?

  • Tuned health-promoting mixture with 70% BIO spice content
  • Easy to use when preparing various drinks and meals
  • Design, ecological and reusable packaging
  • Local product with minimal waste during production and distribution
  • A socially responsible project that contributes to the Open Windows organization – to support people with disabilities and families and seniors in difficult life situations.