The body as our starting point for action. The body as my tool, which I learn through conscious movement and training to know well and gradually control. What does it actually mean for us to forget our learned patterns / clichés in dance or physical action? Are we able to start from the beginning, from ourselves, from scratch?

Our common work will primarily focus on the awareness of your own body and its functionality in the context of time, space and mutual interaction in a given group of participants. It will be a combination of simple physical activities, supporting motor skills, rhythm, voice, attention, memory and orientation in space. The goal of our meeting is to support abstract thinking and expression through movement and physical activity. The workshop will combine dance, theater and principles from the drama-therapeutic method DvT. DvT (Developmental Transformations) is a performative training based on the idea that our experience is unrepeatable, causing instability through our being. DvT tries to reduce the fear of this instability , rather than reducing the instability of being.