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Tantra is a path towards enlightenment. This is a meeting of Love and Meditation using all aspects of being a human. Our body, Mind, emotion and senses are weaved together with awareness to bring sublime ecstasy in everyday life.

As we are moving towards a merger between science and spirit, Tantra has become one of the most popular paths. This popularity also brings confusion and not knowing around Tantra.

During this workshop, we are going to explore and experience difference facet of Tantra using tantric meditations from a 5000 years old scripture, “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra”. In this, Shiva is giving tantric transmission to Parvati.

This way you will have an authentic, direct and playful experience of Tantra.

Key Features of this workshop:

  • You will have direct experience of Tantra
  • A roadmap to start your Tantric path
  • Saying Yes to your Body, Mind, Emotions and Feelings
  • Connecting with male and female within and around you


There should be gender balance – More women are ok but not men. There is no experience required from participants to attend this workshop.