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It is a musical storytelling performance that reminds us of where we all come from. It takes us in a meditational voyage to some forgotten memories and reconnects us to our nature and our original identity.

The music by Sonido Sur is the outcome of a musical meditation between two birds, the Condor and the Eagle, guardians of the traditions of the South and the North respectively.

Under western constructs they would represent two different cultures.

However, as sounds, they represent unity. A symbol for the coexistence of the duality within ourselves. Two birds, two hemispheres, two perspectives that belong to the same great mystery, to the same universal consciousness and follow the same law of origin.

Music born in the south, in the Andean mountains, in the territory of Myequeta (original name of Bogotá), where the native Musicas lived in balance with nature. This sound feeds from the mountains, the seas, the lakes, the air, the fire and several jungle cities.

Music matured between Colombia, England and Germany.