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Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin offers simple but
authentic Vedic meditative and breathing healing methods for finding the
well-being of mind and emotion for individuals and for couples.
It helps to release chronic stress and depression simply and easily and
allows you to experience the miraculous strength of relaxation. It also
strengthens you to release fear, insecurity, mental and emotional
fatigue, anxiety, anger, chronic stress, restlessness, and irritability are
symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system. On emotion level, it
provides the energy balancing to let go the burden of repressed emotions,
feelings of guilt, self harming attitude.
The Mind and Emotional Well-being techniques can help you to overcome
such patterns — to feel alive and blossoming in your being and your

Timing: 30 minutes personal consultation and 60 minutes
practicing the methods.

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