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“There is nothing more natural than childbirth. Death and birth are the gates through which every human being passes. Unfortunately, in our country, due to the “guilt of progress” and different intentions of the hospital staff from the real needs of new parents, childbirth has become something completely unnatural. In doing so, you only need to look at England or the Netherlands, where they discovered a long time ago that a sense of security is necessary for a smooth and, above all, SAFE birth process, and the environment of a maternity hospital can only provide that very rarely. In order for childbirth in the maternity hospital to be a pleasant experience for all 3 – i.e. mom, baby and dad, you need to be informed and thoroughly prepared. During the discussion, we will talk about what is most important for the safe course of this transformation process, and how to give birth without trauma and in love ANYWHERE. Childbirth is an absolutely perfect and sacred process, and it is truly possible to experience it as a celebration of life, not as a “rescue action”, which often causes pain to the body and soul, and huge traumas, especially plus the separation of the sacred connection MOTHER-BABY-PLACENTA .

Come and listen to the story of a woman who experienced two wonderful free births, i.e. planned unassisted births, and how you, your children, or your children’s children can also experience them.”

60 min

This lecture is only in Czech