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Meeting in a circle, where together we create a safe blessed space, in which we then work to activate the energetic body, devote ourselves to individual chakras, connect through guided meditation with the Source (Universe, with the primary force from which everything comes and where everything returns),  accompanied by musical instruments.

Then, in this attunement, we express the song of the heart – we play instruments together with the Intent of our Heart.

We work with the voice, we open the voice, we chant mantras (mostly in our language) – for a better connection with the message contained in the text …

You can try different instruments – drums, rattles, didgeridoo, carillons, tibetan bowls, handpan, flutes, etc ..

Everything takes place in a playful, music-tuning, music-hungry energy and yet with a touch of essence. After we feel relaxed, attuned, more connected with ourselves.