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Your self-promotion in the form of video

I will make a promo video of the locket for your social networks. Who you are, what you are good at and what you offer. Promote your skills in a pleasant and human way in very high quality recording and post-production.
I will take your portrait photos, we will capture you in your natural energy.

Use the time and positive energy of the festival to plan and order self-promotion at very favorable, festival prices set in the form of a game.
Each stone has its weight, which expresses the amount of human work.
We discuss your idea and put the corresponding stones on the scale with regard to the intention.
Green is photography, red represents video, blue audio and yellow the subsequent energy spent in the editing room. The resulting weight *10 expresses the price of the work.
The agreed price is valid for the order and payment on the spot, i.e. at the time of the festival. Payment by card is possible. I will also provide an invoice after the delivery of the service.