Flow yoga is fluent, energetic, more physically demanding, but balanced, creative yoga, in which you are guided to properly connect your breath with the asanas. It helps build strength, flexibility, endurance, grace and the joy of movement. It systematically stimulates our nervous system, positively affects the function of internal organs, relieves tension from the body and mind, opens our hearts and cleanses energy pathways and centers.

Flow yoga has a beneficial effect on the whole organism, vitality and harmonious flow of energy in the body.

During the practice, you are allowed to experience prana – a universal source of breath, life energy and conscious intelligence – as a leading source of yoga practice and vital life.

“Flow yoga combines the most important yoga asana traditions in a new way and combines the best with ancient and modern yoga wisdom.”

In any case, yoga leads us to feel better, listen to ourselves, be better beings, and enter the present moment.