Felipe Andrés

Cotton cleaning ceremony and planting of new thoughts.
A ceremony of Muisca tradition for the awakening of the new humanity.

The Muisca indigenous community was the largest indigenous population in South America with the Quechua (Inca people) before colonization. Our ancestors lived in peace, joy and perfect balance and communion within nature. Our approach to life is close to that of the Tibet and Indian understanding of life. During the many years of colonial abuse our traditions were kept safe in songs, dances and medicine shared from generation to generation. This philosophy of life, this traditional understanding of our nature as human beings, is now returned to us to share with the planet. The prophecy of the tobacco that grows out of the cement: that is the truth that breaks through all colonial presets. Muisca means ‘people’. We, the Muiscas, are people of gold and quartz.

This will be a space to come close to our way of understanding life with everything within and without ourselves. We will work with cotton and will be guided through an ancient meditation. A journey through 9 dimensions in which we all live. This ceremony will be shared as a pedagogical approach to a methodology for good living (buen vivir).

Felipe Pyky Uba Tyba