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The intention of the PLANNET project is to bring balance and transparency to the market, to support local residents in places where it is far from a matter of course to be adequately rewarded for their work, and to publicly open up related topics and thus raise awareness of what the prevailing economic model is really built on today’s times.

The entire project is built on the values of sustainability, transparency, freedom, nature, balance and justice. It aims to bring real change to the global market and publicly open the topics of the necessity of social responsibility of each individual and the awareness of what, as an end customer, I support by what I buy, where I direct the flow of money energy and how I have the power to influence as an individual with each of my individual decisions the collective development of humanity. We connect the spiritual energy side of things with purely economic pragmatic principles, clear steps and decisions in everyday life.

In the first phase of the project, we are creating a network bringing together quality natural products and products with specific people behind them, bringing to end customers quality handcrafted goods that have a story connected to real people and whose processing supports a sustainable approach to life on Earth. By setting up the production and sales system itself, we want to set an example and bring these values to the global market.

We will bring to the festival handcrafted HIGH-VIBE CLOTHES made from 100% natural materials made with love and care in Sri Lanka by the amazing Monika. Monika is a woman who decided to be independent and do the work she loves, even though her surroundings, incl. her husband does not support her journey. By selling these clothes with soul, we are helping her to live a dignified life in a country where the economic situation has reached the point where many people do not have enough to eat and where it is far from common for women to do business. We help her realize her dream.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase BLUE LOTUS from us in its purest form, which miraculously came our way. It is lovingly collected in the wild on a lake in a magical place in the middle of the Sri Lankan jungle and dried in the sun. The whole process is ensured by a beautiful young couple and their family, which we can significantly support in this way and help this young couple realize their big dreams. We still tune the lotus energetically in the sacred space before it travels to people and to sales points.

And other great gadgets. Let yourself be surprised!

We also have a FASHION SHOW! with a presentation of the project and a LECTURE on the topic of individual social responsibility.

We look forward to sharing spacetime with you!

With love,
Ester Kizmanová & Richard Vít

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