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Bring the best out of your partner in relationship

 Polarity is the magnetism, the “spark”, the attraction that happens between a man and a woman. In our modern society, our life style depolarizes this attraction and defuses one of the greatest potential for spiritual transformation.

If fully understood, polarities between masculine and feminine can truly support and expand each other. Imagine having the tools and techniques to make your relationship your home – a safe environment where you can rest and relax, be nourished and nurtured

This workshop is designed to give you information, education and experiences to gain a deeper understanding about the energies within yourself and how they play out in your life, especially while relating with the opposite sex. Understanding polarities in a key element in mastering our energy and life.
Join Swami Anahata to understand this challenging yet so essential subject “Polarities between masculine and Feminine”.

This workshop includes:

  • Understanding Masculine Principals
  • Understanding Feminine Principals
  • What happens when they meet in love union?
  • What do women need?
    What do men need?
    What are the particular challenges in the stages of development for men and women?
    What men are dreaming of women?
  • What women are longing from Men?
  • Why they don’t understand each other?
  • How to empower masculine without being his Mother?
  • How to support feminine without making her loose her freedom?

This is an experiential journey and include tantric meditations, breath work, Body movement, emotional release, sharing circle, exercises around neuroscience and healing inner child and teenager in you.

No prerequisite to attend this workshop. Single and couples are equally welcome.