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Satsang, which means ‘association with the Truth’, is a form to gather
together to inquire into the true nature of life. Whoever is searching for
the truth of life is engaged in Satsang.
All are invited and guided to recognize the pure consciousness itself is the
source of all manifestations of life with love, joy, peace, creativity, and
well-being of physical, psychological, social, environmental, and spiritual
by Sacchidanandaprem Swamin an Adwaita Vedanta spiritual master from
After the Satsanga, we will practice Vigyan Bhairav Dhyanam meditation
techniques are a process of deep relaxation, stress reduction, stillness,
inner peace, transforming self, and opening the gateway of living a
transcendental life with awareness.
The regular practice of 15 minutes, easily increases physical, mental, and
spiritual well-being. You get an inner joy that percolates into your daily
life, not just while seated in meditation.
The technique is based on Raja yoga from ancient Vedic tradition. The
various approaches are to practice meditation and the ultimate goal is to
experience complete oneness with the supreme consciousness.

The topics of Satsang:
Love, relationship, and Freedom
Awakening potentiality of Human
Healing and Awareness
Exploring the Being and Creativity

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